Math is Everywhere

Mission Statement

Math is Everywhere, Studies show that one of the reasons high school female students gifted for math are turning away from mathematics, in their finals years, is their misconception that math is not contributing to the society, and not helping to individuals.  One of the goals of this  Module is to convince them differently.

The  Math is Everywhere Module is  addressing the general public in order to highlight the role of mathematics in every aspect of life, but also intend to attract female highschool students and UM female undergraduates to specialize further in mathematics. 

The events organized under this Module will include   Math in Business, Math in Medicine, Math in Art, Math in Cyber, Math in space, Math in Economics and more..

SURFER Competition

February 1, 2024 - October 1, 2024

Welcome to the SURFER competition at WIMSA, in the University of Miami!

We are looking for the most interesting and beautiful images of algebraic surfaces generated with the program SURFER.

WIMSA Inaugural Conference: Math is Everywhere

October 17 - 29, 2022

This conference will include lectures in mathematics, lectures reflecting the beauty of mathematics, lectures on contemporary applications of mathematics, and lectures on math education, all addressed to a general scientific audience, including lectures addressed to the general public. The conference is addressing all missions, goals and modules of WIMSA as stated below.

A Letter from a 1951 Alumni who majored in Math

MiMuMa (Miami Museum of Mathematics)