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IMSA Will Host MCA 2025
The Institute of the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas will host the Mathematical Congress of the Americas at the InterContinental Miami hotel from July 21-25, 2025.
IMSA's Frontiers in Mathematics Lecture Series
We are pleased to announce a new lecture series which will highlight outstanding recent achievements in mathematics, with a particular emphasis on those of female mathematicians from Latin America or working in Latin America.
Spring 2023 Emphasis Semester
IMSA's Spring 2023 semester will feature conferences emphasizing low dimensional topology and gauge theory. The semester will be organized by N. Saveliev, C.Scaduto & K. Baker.

Special Lecture Series on Numerical Geometry
Dr. Tristan Collins of Massachusetts Institute of Technology will present Complete Calabi-Yau Metrics on the Complement of Two Divisors.