SURFER Competition


Welcome to the SURFER competition at WIMSA, in the University of Miami!

We are looking for the most interesting and beautiful images of algebraic surfaces generated with the program SURFER.

How does the competition work?

Algebraic surfaces are produced by simple equations in three spatial coordinates x, y, z. All points which satisfy these equations are drawn. For example, the equation x2 + y2 + z2 = 1 results in a sphere.

The competition requires to create equations yourself or to change given equations to produce beautiful images. The images are easily generated with SURFER. 

You can access the competition online at

To submit an image to the competition, first save your image with the a right double click (with a name of your choice), copy the formula and submit both into

Who can take part?

Everybody is invited to take part! You can submit surfaces that you created yourself or in a group. Why not enter with your family or mathematics class? All entries are welcome! You can enter more than entry!

Competition period, prizes and jury

The most beautiful surface will be awarded the 2023 MIAMISURFER Prize. There will also be a sectional  prizes -  WIMSA-SURFER Prize (among the young women participation in the WIMSA activities), and UMSURFER Prize (for the UM Community)  

The judging panel will be composed of mathematicians, artists and educators. The judges’ decision will be final and can not be disputed.

Tips and links

You can  download SURFER software  into your computer. The link for download can be found in, includes a tutorial, some tips, and multiple sample surfaces.

You can find the surfer manual at:

You can take a look at these tips to create algebraic surfaces