MiMuMa (Miami Museum of Mathematics)

MiMuMa (Miami Museum of Mathematics) MiMuMa (Miami Museum of Mathematics)

Mission Statement

We plan to create MiMuMa, the Miami Museum of Mathematics at the University of Miami. No such entity exists in Florida. The expositions will demonstrate the beauty of mathematics and the outreach of mathematics to different aspects of life, as mathematics is everywhere! The museum will initiate different related activities with a special emphasis on female participation, as presenters, as workers, as guides.

We will start with a state-wide competition to produce two- and three-dimensional representations of algebraic surfaces using a special software, created in Oberwolfach Institute of Mathematics in Germany. The software will be installed on the department computers and competitors will be invited to come and try their luck. The winning products will hang in the museum. A winning young woman will get a partial scholarship for her tuition in UM. This competition is very relevant to UM as Algebraic Geometry is a key component of IMSA.

The competition will be open to any female identified of the public including high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students. Winning entries will be exhibited in the MiMuMa.