Letter from the Director

August 29, 2022

Good day to you all, female Math students in UM!

UM established a mega multi year project to advance women in mathematics, entitled - Women in Mathematics Across the Americas (WIMSA).

One of the most important modules of WIMSA is "Math is for the Future" which addresses the UM female undergraduate students in mathematics. You get this letter as you are listed as an undergraduate student in mathematics in the University of Miami (major or minor).

The aim of this module is to follow/mentor/help/prepare the UM female students for a career in mathematics or in knowledge based industries. As "Mathematics is Everywhere", education in mathematics will open doors and enable careers in a wide range of fields, markets and sectors - including banking, space, trading, cyber, AI, geology, epidemiology, medical devices, neuroscience and more...

The program started last year (some of you attend some events like "Playing with Braids", "Geometry in Cyber Security", get-together dinners, etc.) and it is about to start again this year with many more events and opportunities. Activities will include special weekends for female students on contemporary applications of mathematics, networking events in private homes with leaders of the community, lectures by role-model female mathematicians from across the Americas, meetings with leaders of the university, policy panels, excursions to research labs across Miami-Dade County, building the Miami Museum of Mathematics (MiMuMa) and more.

The first event is the Inaugural Conference of WIMSA which will be held on October 17-19, 2022 in the beautiful Lakeside Village Auditorium of UM. The lectures on Monday the 17th and Wednesday the 19th are addressed to a general audience of undergraduate mathematics students on topics like Machine Learning, the Brain, Gender perspective from historical point of view, the Geometry of Origami, the Golden Section, Mosaic and more. You are very welcome and encouraged to attend (as your schedule allows). Some classes will be directed by the teacher to attend the conference rather than the regular class. Special lectures will be open to the public and you are welcome to invite your friends and family. (Monday at 4:30pm and Wednesday at 4:30pm). Evening social events and lunches are in the planning.

Soon you will get a detailed program. For now try to save Monday, October 17th, 12:00pm-5:30pm and Wednesday, October 19th, 2:00pm-5.30pm (and if you are senior majoring in math or computer science, please also try to save Wednesday morning )


Before I send this letter, let me stress how important it is for us, women in math, to bond among ourselves. Some of you already bonded last year. Some can start this year. I led a similar campaign in Israel in the past, and I am convinced how important it is for women in math to bond with each other,

Best regards,

Prof Mina Teicher
Chair of WIMSA
University of Miami