Special Lecture Series on Numerical Geometry

Organizer: Dr. Tristan Collins, MIT

Special Lecture Series on Numerical Geometry

Tristan Collins, MIT
University of Miami & IMSA

Complete Calabi-Yau Metrics on the Complement of Two Divisors​

Friday, January 20, 2023, 4:00pm
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Abstract: In 1990 Tian-Yau proved that if Y is a Fano manifold and D is a smooth anti-canonical divisor, the complement X=Y\D admits a complete Calabi-Yau metric. A long standing problem has been to understand the existence of Calabi-Yau metrics when D is singular. I will discuss the resolution of this problem when D=D_1+D_2 has two components and simple normal crossings. I will also explain a general picture which suggests the case of general SNC divisors should be inductive on the number of components. This is joint work with Y. Li.​​