Mathematics & Biomedicine

IMSA Special Evening

Dr. Mina Teicher
Dr. Gabriela Olmedo
University of Miami

Mathematics & Biomedicine

Thursday, January 30, 2020, 5:30pm
Newman Alumni Center, First Floor

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Dr. Mina Teicher's Abstract: Mathematics is everywhere! In manmade systems and in God made systems. In this talk Dr. Teicher will demonstrate appearance of mathematical forms and logic in nature (humans, plants, stones,...). Moreover, she will describe practical application of math to medicine and to the understanding of the human brain.

Dr. Gabriela Olmedo's Abstract: Why would researchers from biology, physics and mathematics join to study invisible microorganisms? Bacteria organize typically in complex communities that are not only essential for all the biogeochemical cycles on Earth and our health. They also hold clues to the story of life. Two crucial questions in biology are: How can thousands of species coexist in communities and what the rules are for their organization.

Evening Program