Fall Emphasis Semester 2019

Short Courses and Seminars

IMSA talk 

Tuesday Sept 3 , 5 pm Ungar 528 b 

Prof. Y. B Ruan UMich 

Title: Verlinde/Grassmanian Correspondence and quantum K-theory 

Abstract: More than twenty years ago, Witten proposed an equivalence of twoquantum fields governing Verlinde algebra (or the theory of stable bundles overa curve) and the quantum cohomology of Grassmanian. Motivated by Witten'sphysical work and recent revival of quantum K-theory, we proposed a K-theoreticversion of so called Verlinde/Grassmanian correspondence. Furthermore,the recent interpretation of quantum K-theory as a 3d quantum field theory opens a door to muchlarger area of physics and mathematics. We will first review the new ingredient oflevel structure in quantum K-theory and surprising appearance  of mock theta function.Then, we will present an approach to the proof of correspondence using wall-crossingtechnique. This is a joint work with Ming Zhang.

Introductory Workshop on HMS, Logic and Sandpiles (09/09/19-09/14/19)